‘Our Client is Our Gem’


Caring and professional

The staff are very professional and take pride in their work. They treated my wife so well and there are no complaints. The management is excellent and very quick to respond. They are very approachable and helpful.  Everyone is caring and professional.


Professional excellent service

Having employed the services of Triple Diamond Healthcare, I am very, very happy to recommend their home care services.
The organization is very professionally run and the staff are highly qualified. The company offices are also subject to unannounced spot checks to ensure everything is being done according to the rules and regulations.
The lady that looks after my mum is not only a fully qualified state registered nurse but also has a degree as a Social Worker.

Here’s what happened:
My mother is 93 and at first she was a bit reticent at having unknown people looking after her.
However, the ladies turned up at my mum’s flat for the initial assessment and we all sat down and discussed what would be right for my mum.
Well my old mum loved them both! And she phoned me later to tell me how sorry she was for being a little bit stubborn and that she was really looking forward to the first visit.
My mum and her carers are now firm friends.
The carer helps her with all her ‘personal care’ which is something I found too difficult to do as I’m a man!
They clean her flat, do her shopping, change her bedding, do her washing, and make sure she is taking her medication as she is supposed to.
But they also take time to have a chat and a bit of a giggle!
My mum’s entire persona has changed! She was rather lonely and a bit fed up. NOT NOW!
The visits seem to have turned the clock back 20 years! She is now bright and alert and much happier than she’s been for years!
And the bonus for me, is that I now worry less. The ladies always text me or call me to let me know how the visit went and if there is anything I need to be aware of.
And now that I do not have to do all the chores, I can actually spend time taking my mum out to dinner or to the shops!
And I just have to add that the cost is very reasonable too.

You only ever have one mum and dad and I don’t think I need to say anymore than that!

Anthony Woodley

Thank you!

We were so pleased when Triple Diamond arrived to support us in caring for our mother. They were highly professional but provided a really personal and friendly service. Mum looked forward to their visits, as did we as they helped us through a difficult time. We quickly felt like partners in caring for our mother’s needs and they were happy to pass on their expertise to make our role easier. On Mum’s passing they showed great compassion and generosity for which we were grateful – we would highly recommend their team.

Mark Gordon Linney

A word of praise

I cannot recommend this company enough ,a true sister act if ever I saw one!
Victoria and Tammi have succeeded to do in the first 3 days what other home help companies failed
To do in 3 years! This company definitely lives up to its name.

Austin Spiteri

Breath of Spring

The care I received from Triple Diamond was wonderful. I could have been very depressed by the deterioration of my mobility but the girls from Triple Diamond were like a Breath of Spring. The care was first class but they also made me laugh and kept up my spirits to such an extent that I looked forward to their visits. I can thorough;u recommend the company.

Geraldine Mitchell